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Face Masks, Type IIR Fluid Resistant (fully certified) - 50 Pack


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List price: £2.99

This product is compliant with EN 14683 for Type IIR surgical face masks in the UK and offers good breathability with fitted ear loops and a nose former to provide a comfortable and secure fit.

All certification (including European, to EN14683) has been verified by both our suppliers and ourselves.

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This product is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. These pleat-style masks have a filter efficiency level of 98% or greater against particulate aerosols, preventing the exhalation of airborne viruses and the spread of respiratory droplets from an asymptomatic carrier.


• Type IIR Disposable Surgical Face Masks

• Pack of 50

• Intended to limit the transmission of infective agents from the wearer to others around them

• Three-layer (3-ply) protection

• 98% bacteria filtration efficiency

• Pleat style with fitted ear loops and nose former

• Made from lightweight materials - offers good breathability

• Bacteria filet effect (BFE) tested and approved in accordance with tests for Class 1 Type IIR. BFE≥98% and splash resistance

• EN 14683 compliant

• Colour: Blue

Wearing and Adjustment

1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, before touching the mask.

2. Hold the mask with the stiff bendable strip on top, and the coloured side facing outwards.

3. Hold the mask by the ear loops and place a loop around each ear.

4. Mould or pinch the nose strip to conform to the shape of your nose.

5. Pull the bottom the mask over your mouth and chin.


1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, before touching the mask.

2. Avoid touching the front of the mask due to contamination. Only touch the ear loops.

3. Hold and unlock both ear loops and gently lift the mask away from your face.

4. Holding the mask only by the ear loops, dispose of the mask in a suitable bin.

5. Clean your hands again before touching anything else.

Please Note: These masks are single-use. Keep unused masks in their closed box and store in a non-contaminated area. Whilst wearing, discard and replace with a new mask if it becomes damaged.

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