GEL PLUS Pad/Cushion 20x20" (500x500mm), Gel Ovations - Dimensional

(£39000 Including VAT)

A New Level of Protection:
Dimensional Gel Plus is a new range of medical-grade Gel Products from Gel Ovations.  Offering the same unique pressure-relieving properties of the Dimensional Gel, Dimensional Gel Plus is 40% thicker, allowing increased immersion and envelopment for individuals with bony prominences.

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Dimensional Gel Plus, is a thicker version of the medical-grade silicone pressure relief pads. This extra thickness allows increased immersion and envelopment for individuals with bony prominences.  Dimensional Gel Plus provides low-profile, high-pressure relief and coolness, reducing skin shear and friction.

Sustainability and cost-savings are achieved as the new product can be easily cleaned and sanitised to be reissued repeatedly. This makes it ideal for community stores, hospitals, and care settings, being durable, reusable, and cost-effective with no maintenance required.

For immersion, Dimensional Gel Plus helps by conforming closely to the body’s shape, reducing localised pressure and promoting blood circulation.  Its Envelopment properties are effective in reducing pressure on bony prominences and other vulnerable areas prone to pressure ulcer development.

  • Prevents Pressure Ulcers
  • Treated Pressure Ulcers
  • Prevents shear and friction
  • Combats moisture Build-up
  • Maintains coolness
  • Fits all types of seating
  • Cost-effective and sustainable
  • Promotes good posture
  • Provides Immersion and Envelopment
  • Improves pressure distribution


Product Sheet (Gel-Ovations-Dimensional-Gel-Plus-Leaflet-2024-v6-PR-1.pdf, 3,997 Kb) [Download]

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