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Pressure Care - Other miscellaneous

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£18.80 (£22.56 Including VAT)  

Unit: PAIR

Fleece protection for feet

£16.99 (£20.39 Including VAT)  

Unit: PAIR

Fleece protection for heels

£16.99 (£20.39 Including VAT)  

Unit: PAIR

Fleece protection for elbows

£23.75 (£28.50 Including VAT) £39.50  

Permaflow Foot Pads

Sold as pair.

£112.49 (£134.99 Including VAT) £131.96  

The Invacare® Flo-tech® Back Support has been designed to provide added stability to a wheelchair or standard armchair and optionally, it can be used in conjunction with any Flo-tech® cushion.

£19.60 (£23.52 Including VAT) £23.50  

Product Details

Size: 42 x 20 x 5 cm

Improving posture, comfort and support

The Invacare® Flo-tech® Lumbar Pad is designed for use on existing chairs or wheelchairs and can improve posture, comfort and support. The Lumbar Pad is simple and easy to use. It is fitted with adjustable straps and comes complete with a black fabric cover.

Visco Elastic (Memory) Foam

The Lumbar Pad is made up of two foams; Visco Elastic (Memory) foam on one side and resilient, high density foam on the other. This combination of foams provides the client with added support to the lower back. The resilient high density foam increases the support of the product whilst the Visco Elastic foam absorbs pressure from the client.

Adjustable Straps

Provides the client with improved comfort, adjustability and positioning.


Lead time is 7-10 days.

£51.99 (£62.39 Including VAT) £58.20  

The Invacare® Propad® Leg Trough has been designed in consultation with clinicians to provide maximum support for the whole leg. The Leg Trough elevates the heels and allows them to be suspended over the edge of the trough. This provides maximum pressure relief for the vulnerable heel area.


£79.90 (£95.88 Including VAT) £89.18  

The Invacare® Softform® Odstock Wedge was developed in partnership with clinicians to assist in the reduction of interface pressures on the sacrum and heels without significantly increasing pressure on the thighs or calves. It is designed to improve and maintain patient posture in the recumbent position, and to reduce the tendency for the client to slip down the bed, thereby reducing shearing forces on the sacrum. The Odstock Wedge is ideal for improving posture for those with back discomfort.


£69.99 (£83.99 Including VAT) £83.43  

The Invacare® Softform® Heelpad is designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area. The controlled volume of gel in the sacs allows pressure displacement and even weight distribution. Pressure on a patient's heels are kept to a minimum when the heels are in contact with the gel sacs.
The Invacare® Softform® Heelpad was designed to be used in conjunction with the Invacare® Odstock Wedge, but can also be used independently as an effective pressure reducing device.


£36.99 (£44.39 Including VAT) £44.56  

Invacare® Flexipads are highly versatile pads filled with silicone gel, and can be used to position and
support limbs, joints, the torso or the head.

Single Flexipad
Fitted with a strap for fastening to chairs, the Invacare® Flexipad increases the surface area under elbows, arm or back.
Flexipad Ultra
A lighter, more flexible format, available with or without straps.
Double Flexipad
Two gel sacs with a foam core - highly versatile in a number of applications, including supporting large bony prominences.


£108.95 (£130.74 Including VAT) £114.99  

Clinically proven to heal Pressure Ulcers.

£84.55 (£101.46 Including VAT) £89.00  
Foot Protectors are a unique product designed specifically to minimise the risk of pressure damage to heels. A significant proportion of pressure ulcers occur on the heels due to a combination of pressure and friction/shear.  Whilst support surfaces assist in reducing pressure, only a...

£75.95 (£91.14 Including VAT) £79.00  
A positioning support for use wherever pressure relief is required. The Repose Wedge is designed primarily for the elevation of the lower legs of patients with vascular conditions, but can be used wherever support or elevation is required, offering the same pressure relieving properties as...

£98.80 (£118.56 Including VAT) £104.00  
Incorporating Magnaffix technology which offers a unique patented multi-adjustable strap fastened with a magnetic fixing system, along with a unique built-in air cell creating a protective barrier between the fixation magnets and the patient skin surface. Magnaffix Adjustable Strap...

£77.85 (£93.42 Including VAT) £79.00  
The Sole Protector® considerably reduces the risk of pressure damage to the soles of the feet, offering pressure redistribution at the bed end and helping to eliminate the risk of avoidable pressure ulcers. Polyurethane fixing straps ensure the Sole Protector® is held securely in...

£30.95 (£37.14 Including VAT) £49.95  

Heelift effectively eliminates pressure from the heel by offloading all pressure from the heel and redistributing the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers.

£14.45 (£17.34 Including VAT) £24.95  
Elbowlift Suspension Pad protects the sensitive olecranon and olecranon bursa from friction burns and contusions by elevating and cushioning the elbow in smooth foam.  Elbowlift helps prevent pressure ulcers, pressure sores, olecranon bursitis, ulnar neuritis, and other skin injuries....

£75.99 (£91.19 Including VAT) £79.99  
As part of an accessory range for the Treat Eezi pressure ulcer overlays we are now pleased to introduce the Treat Eezi pressure relieving pillowcase. Thick and sumptuous, this double layer pillowcase allows immediate pressure relief on and around the head area and especially around the ears...

£35.50 (£42.60 Including VAT) £49.95  
The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reduction for patients with a ’high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area. For patients with pressure damage, the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot can be an effective solution for wound healing, as its unique...