Softform® Odstock Wedge

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The Invacare Odstock Wedge was developed in partnership with clinicians to assist in the reduction of interface pressures on the sacrum and heels without significantly increasing pressure on the thighs or calves. It is designed to improve and maintain patient posture in the recumbent position, and to reduce the tendency for the client to slip down the bed, thereby reducing shearing forces on the sacrum. The Odstock Wedge is ideal for improving posture for those with back discomfort.

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Reduces pressure on the heels - Clinical research has effectively demonstrated that the degree of knee flexion necessary to achieve substantial levels of pressure relief is relatively small. The Invacare Odstock Wedge was designed by clinicians to reduce pressure on the heels through re-positioning the hip and elevating the knee.

Reduces lumbar lordosis - By tilting the pelvis, the Odstock Wedge also reduces lumbar lordosis – desirable following back surgery and ideal for improving the sleeping posture of patients with back problems.

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