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Height, Scales and other Body Measures

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£22.80 (£27.36 Including VAT) £24.00  

The space saving solution with roll-up mechanism. Uncomplicated wall fixing with just one screw. With the display window in the head piece, it is easy to read off the height. The tape is made of metal and thus very durable.

The seca 206 is well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly paediatrics, orthopaedics, medical practices, pharmacy and fitness studios.

Measuring range 0 - 220 cm or 0 - 87"
Graduation 1 mm or 1/8"
Dimensions (WxHxD) 125 x 125 x 170 mm
Weight 140 g

Space saving due to the roll-up mechanism.

£539.00 (£646.80 Including VAT) £605.00  

Consideration and comfort – these are particularly prominent aspects of this extremely stable model with its rounded steel tube frame. A comfortable seat provides a safe position, the swivelling armrests make it easy to move the patient from the bed on to the chair scales and the adjustable footrests increase ease of operation.

The locking rear wheels ensure that it is safe to sit down and stand up at all times. The positioning of the large LCD display unit behind the chair makes it easy to read and the many functions (including BMI) leave nothing to be desired. These mobile chair scales, with mains or rechargeable battery power supply, is an invaluable aid everywhere: in the hospital ward, rehabilitation centre, orthopaedic department, dialysis centre, at nursing homes as well as in paediatrics and adolescent medicine. So, for example, small children who are not yet able to stand can be weighed comfortably while sitting. The practical: pouch seca 471 attached to the scales stores the mains adapter.

Capacity   200 kg
Graduation   100 g < 100 kg > 200 g
Dimensions (WxHxD)   565 x 920 x 810 mm
Weight   24.5 kg
Power supply   Mains adapter / batteries
CE approval class   ( III )

£1,399.00 (£1,678.80 Including VAT) £1,699.00  

Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its large platform and robust handrail, the seca 677 is very versatile. Patients can be weighed sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair. And the handrail provides valuable support for people who are fragile or can only walk with great difficulty. Its high capacity makes the seca 677 ideal for weighing very heavy persons. Concomitantly, the scales can be folded together after use in no time at all to save space. The sturdy locking device between rail and platform ensures that the seca 677 stands safely even when folded together. The handrail also serves as handle when the scales are folded together, allowing the scales to be moved around or stowed away effortlessly and quickly on its smooth running transport castors. Weighing is simple and user-friendly with the clearly designed, intuitively operable display at hip level and, not least, due to the additional functions such as TARE, HOLD and BMI.

The seca 677 is well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly geriatrics, gynaecology, nephrology, orthopaedics, nursing homes, retirement homes and rehabilitation centres.


Capacity   300 kg
Graduation   100 g < 200 kg > 200 g
Dimensions (WxHxD)   951 x 1,107 x 965 mm
Dimensions/platform (WxHxD)   800 x 51 x 965 mm
Weight   34.5 kg
Power supply   Mains adapter

£27.00 (£32.40 Including VAT) £30.00  
  • Weight: 874 g
  • Dimensions: 570 x 150 x 330 mm

Carrying case for baby scales seca 385 or seca 384

With this case, baby scales seca 385 and seca 384 can be transported comfortably and safely. The exact fit of the seca 413 provides optimum protection and the large opening facilitates the packing and unpacking of the scales. An adjustable shoulder strap makes transport easier and the water-repellent nylon surface keeps everything dry. Alternative back pack version is also available.

£264.60 (£317.52 Including VAT) £315.00  
  • Capacity: 15 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 10 g
  • Weight: 3,4 kg
  • Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor
  • Dimensions: 638 x 115 x 300 mm / 595 x 50 x 255 mm dimensions tray
  • Functions: HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Mobile measuring / TARE

Mobile electronic baby scales ( III )

The battery-operated scales with large, easy-to-read LCD display combine innovative technology with space-saving design. Due to its low weight and integrated handle (can also be used for hanging the scale), it is easy to transport and is quickly ready for use anywhere. The optional measuring rod seca 232 allows measuring and weighing in one step.

£348.60 (£418.32 Including VAT) £415.00  
  • Capacity: 20 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 5 g < 7.5 g > 10 g
  • Weight: 3,7 kg
  • Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor
  • Dimensions: 620 x 190 x 358 mm / 615 x 130 x 275 mm dimensions tray
  • Functions: damping / PRINT/Auto-PRINT / Automatic weighing range switch-over / SEND/Auto-SEND / RESET / Acoustic signals can be activated / HOLD / BMIF / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / TARE

Wireless baby scales with extra large weighing tray ( III )

Ergonomic, convenient and time-saving. Those are the words you’ll think of as soon as you see the seca 376. Its extra large tray lets you weigh a seated toddler of up to 20 kg, even if the child is fidgety. The adjustable damping function combined with the auto-HOLD function ensures fast and precise work. Net weight of a baby in a nappy? Choose TARE. The amount of milk breast-fed to a baby? Use the BMIF (Breast-Milk-Intake-Function). Weigh and measure in just one step? With the optional measuring rod seca 233. Transmit the weight measurement wirelessly to the seca 360° wireless network? Just press SEND. And you can do it wherever you like because the seca 376 is operated by batteries, so there?s no need for electrical outlets.

The optional measuring rod seca 233 turns the seca 376 into a complete weighing and measuring system.

£221.61 (£265.93 Including VAT) £249.00  

Flat scale for mobile use

In the seca 877 youʼve found the right solution if youʼre looking for a lightweight scale (only 4.2 kg) thatʼs stable, compact, easy to clean and equipped with a mother/child-function.

£355.11 (£426.13 Including VAT) £399.00  
  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
  • Weight: 14,9 kg
  • Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor
  • Dimensions: 360 x 930 x 520 mm / 335 x 80 x 345 mm dimensions tray
  • Functions: damping / PRINT/Auto-PRINT / Auto-CLEAR / Automatic weighing range switch-over / RS232 Interface / SEND/Auto-SEND / RESET / Acoustic signals can be activated / HOLD / BMI / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Transport castors / TARE / Mother/child-function / Pre-TARE

Wireless column scales with capacity up to 300 kilograms ( III )

Weighing small children to obese patients – the seca 704 can do it all. Especially when it comes to finding out BMI and height. There are two options: integrate a mechanical measuring rod or receive data wirelessly from a separate digital stadiometer. Other advantages include the high load bearing capacity of up to 300 kg for heavier patients, the large and flat platform and time-saving functions Pre-TARE, HOLD, auto-HOLD and mother/child-function. With everything primed for the future and integration in EMR using the
seca 360° wireless.

£39.99 (£47.99 Including VAT)  
Charger for Seca Chair Scales (944/954/955)

£40.41 (£48.49 Including VAT) £44.90  

Measuring tape for determining body circumference (pack of 10)

£79.00 (£94.80 Including VAT) £89.00  

Measuring rod with extra wide measuring slides for precise measuring when a baby is lying down.

£27.90 (£33.48 Including VAT) £31.00  

The seca 210 is a lightweight and space-saving measuring mat for babies and toddlers while lying down.

£206.10 (£247.32 Including VAT) £229.00  

Digital baby scale and floor scale for children in one.

£220.50 (£264.60 Including VAT) £245.00  

Digital baby scales and floor scales for children in one.

£91.80 (£110.16 Including VAT) £102.00  

This stadiometer for mobile height measurement boasts unmatched stability, a cleverly designed assembly system and particularly high-quality materials.

£18.90 (£22.68 Including VAT) £21.00  

Carry for measuring intruments like Seca 217 & Seca 417

£38.50 (£46.20 Including VAT) £44.00  

Perfect for mobile use, this carry case is designed to accomodate either the seca 385, 384 baby scales and 417 mobile measuring board in tandem

£26.10 (£31.32 Including VAT) £29.00  

This practical carrying case is designed to safely transport either of the following flat scales: seca 878, seca 877 or seca 875.

£134.10 (£160.92 Including VAT) £149.00  

Flat scale for mobile use

In the seca 875 you’ve found the right solution if you’re looking for a lightweight scale that’s stable, compact and easy to clean.

£832.50 (£999.00 Including VAT) £925.00  

EMR ready multifunctional handrail scale

£1,750.00 (£2,100.00 Including VAT) £1,999.00  

EMR ready electronic platform scale with innovative memory function.

£1,209.10 (£1,450.92 Including VAT) £1,399.00  

EMR ready electronic wheelchair scale

£850.00 (£1,020.00 Including VAT) £999.00  

Electronic platform scale

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