VAT exemption

VAT exemption Information  -  VAT Exemption Declaration Form

Qualifying Products

Products available for VAT exemption include aids designed or modified solely for use by people with a disability (for example, arthritis, for purchasing of mobility aids), as well as products designed for the care or treatment of incontinence. Such products are only available at zero-rate VAT when purchased directly by an individual for their personal use, or when purchased by a registered charity for use by the disabled person.

Exempt Rating - Personal use

Products solely used to treat or aid a disability are generally accepted for VAT exemption for personal use. You do not have to be registered disabled. The important thing is that the item is being used for personal use and not for use in an institution or for resale.

Exempt Rating - Charitable funding

Products, where the funds to purchase items come from a charitable source, are generally accepted for VAT exemption. Please contact us for details.

Application/Declaration form

When you checkout you will be required to decide: “If you wish to claim exemption from VAT, please check the box below”. If you feel you are entitled according to the criteria above and choose to check the box, you will be required to complete and "sign" a simple declaration form to state that you are eligible to receive goods with the VAT exempt from payment. This is in order for us to meet "yours and our" obligations to Customs & Excise. After the secure payment process you will be guided to the VAT Exemption declaration form and invited to complete your application.

Checkout Details

We are also able to exempt VAT from the carriage charge as well as the goods - as long as the products you are purchasing qualify for zero-rate, then the shipping cost will also qualify.

If you have any questions or queries over the process of claiming VAT exemption from your purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us by your easiest means and our sales team will be happy to guide you.


Ordering online: A VAT Exemption declaration is included in your ordering process.

Ordering by phone: Complete the form below and email it to us before you phone us to ORDER. Please Note: We cannot process your Phone Order until we receive your completed VAT Exemption Declaration Form.